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is launching a new program entitled  Harmony Liu Asks the Celebrity

(AMTV) NEW YORK, NY, June 25 – 

Hosted by ACTV youth reporter, Harmony Liu who is a 16 year old volunteer  junior high school student with a passion to join and support many environmental protection events and UN initiatives. 

Harmony Liu, also promotes congress and city government events and promotes the concept of peace and green through interviews on Ask Congress TV (ACTV).

Harmony Liu, feels it is very important and necessary to give the voice of youth to the public through dialogue with different celebrities. So she decided to work with ACTV producers to make this new program. Today’s Inaugural program is an Interview with
Jennifer A. Herdt is Gilbert L. Stark 
Professor of Christian Ethics at Yale University’s Divinity School.  on the topic of  “how she chose to pursue the field of religious ethics and how she approaches teaching in a pluralistic context.”

Harmony ask three  questions to professor,
especially concerning how religious  impact to stop gun violence and  Professor Herdt gave a very significant answer.

Jennifer A. Herdt is Gilbert L. Stark 
Professor of Christian Ethics at Yale University’s Divinity School.

Her most recent book,
 Forming Humanity: Redeeming the German Bildung Tradition, was supported by a research fellowship from the 
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

She is also the author of
 Putting on Virtue: The Legacy of the Splendid Vices
(selected as a Choice Outstanding Academic Title),
 and of Religion and Faction in Hume’s Moral Philosophy

, and has published widely on virtue ethics, early modern and modern moral thought, and political theology. She serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Christian Ethics, Studies in Christian Ethics, 
and the Journal of Religion,an
d served as the 2020 President of the Society of Christian Ethics.

She is currently revising for publication her 2013 Warfield Lectures and 2016 Jellema Lectures on eudaimonism, egoism, and obligation. She is a senior member of a research team that has received a
 $3.9M, 3-year collaborative grant from the Templeton Foundation in 2020 to pursue projects in science-informed theological anthropology.

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