On Earth Day, call for an end to Japan’s dumping of nuclear waste into the sea through the United Nations General Assembly

New York, NY, April 22 – “To welcome Earth Day, former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama, the United Nations International Academy of Eco-Life Safety Sciences, Environmental Girl Ambassador Harmony Liu, and Eirene Liu jointly appeal to the United Nations and heads of state to vote through the United Nations General Assembly to stop Japan from dumping nuclear wastewater into the sea”.

Fighter for peace and environmental protection Former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama supports the actions of the young ambassadors for environmental protection and signs.

In the winter of 2019, as the discoverer of the new crown epidemic, Dr. Li Wenliang of Wuhan City, China disclosed the existence of a major public health crisis and called on the government to act urgently, saying that “this is a virus that may be similar to SARS”, which is the cause of the new crown epidemic. Whistleblowers are pioneer heroes in the fight against the epidemic.

However, when Earth Day comes on April 22, 2023, governments and even global citizens ignore that a silent world war has arrived in 2023—as early as April 2021, the Japanese government openly ignored governments With protests from citizens around the world, it was decided to discharge Fukushima nuclear wastewater into the sea one after another two years later. In February 2023, the Japanese government officially announced that nuclear wastewater will be discharged in the summer.

The voice of the young ambassadors – the sea must not be polluted. According to the latest video report, affected by the discharge of Fukushima nuclear wastewater into the sea, shellfish in Japan’s own waters began to die in large numbers. Harmful elements of nuclear pollution are brought to the seas of countries all over the world. Then, the harmful elements of nuclear pollution will be brought to all living things including human beings along with the water cycle of sea, land and air. Health violations, gene mutations, frequent occurrence of strange diseases, and cancer outbreaks. Some young environmental protection ambassadors worry that in 100 years, human beings will disappear on the earth like dinosaurs! The alarm for survival has sounded, and the sustainable development of human beings requires whistleblowers.

In addition, On the eve of Earth Day on April 21, it is also the birthday of girl harmony ambassador Eirene Hop Liu. She used animation art to call for the protection of Mother Earth, showing the new generation’s attention and anxiety to the environmental crisis, and expressing their aspirations.

Voices from Teenagers – Can’t Let Fishermen and Humans Disappear Like Dinosaurs. In order to protect Mother Earth and for the healthy and sustainable survival and development of all human beings, the young environmental protection ambassador of the United Nations Blue Community Consortium (Blue Community Consortium), which initiated the action two years ago, Harmony Liu, a high school student at Jericho Middle School in New York, and future leaders The small ambassador of the organization, Eirene Hope Liu, a junior high school student in Cantiague, New York, with the support of former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama, is willing to act as a whistleblower., 7.5 billion citizens around the world issued a letter of the proposal: “The ocean does not belong to Japan alone! The ocean and the air belong to all mankind! The heads of state, the United Nations, and the people of all countries must not be silent, tolerate, or allow Japan to Toxic industrial wastewater containing nuclear pollutants is being poured into the ocean indiscriminately, slowly bringing all mankind into an irreversible path of extinction.”

They appealed: “This is a war that is worse than the Second World War, the three-year epidemic, and Russia. There is a greater danger of a silent World War III in the Ukrainian War! ” Their actions are consistent with Secretary-General Guterres’ call on mankind to end the “merciless and senseless war against nature” on Mother Earth Day.

On Earth Day, they submitted the “SOS Proposal” to the United Nations Global Communications Department, asking them to forward it to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the General Assembly, calling on the United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations Security Council, the United Nations International Tribunal, and the United Nations Nuclear Commission to take immediate action Convened the United Nations General Assembly to vote to discuss countermeasures, launched a referendum on the issue of “whether to agree to the Japanese government and power companies dumping nuclear wastewater into the ocean”, and asked for opinions from 7.5 billion citizens around the world through online voting, so that all people have a view on the survival of human beings. Give voice to citizens of the Earth with sustainability issues.

The young ambassador Harmony started writing and sent an email to the top of the United Nations to ask: “The ocean is shared by the world, and the United Nations is the world’s parliament. It has not passed the vote of the United Nations General Assembly. The Japanese government and power stations have no right to release nuclear wastewater without authorization!”

As of press time, this action has been supported by former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama, the United Nations International Academy of Ecological Life Safety Sciences, and Chinese singers from many countries. This initiative is also requested to be forwarded by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the ambassadors of various countries’ missions to the United Nations to submit to their heads of state.

At present, the chairman of the Japanese branch of the World Harmony Foundation, Zhong Chuzhen, was the first to sign the support of the former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama on Earth Day “We cannot let human beings disappear like dinosaurs due to the discharge of nuclear wastewater!” Prime Minister Hatoyama also World Harmony Outstanding Contribution Award 2020 Winner.

Dr. Nakaidema, Chairman of the Japan Branch of the World Harmony Foundation, emphasized: “Japan is the world’s largest seafood gourmet country. Once nuclear waste water is poured into the sea, will humans still have safe seafood? Nuclear pollution penetrates the ocean and then penetrates into the mainland. Where else are we safe? How does our generation face our next generation? How does the United Nations and heads of state face and account for 7.5 billion people? So we must support the WHF Youth Committee’s ocean protection action!”

Opposition to the dumping of Japanese nuclear wastewater into the ocean spread across the world, even including Japanese fishery companies and fishery associations. The Youth Committee of the UNEP World Harmony Foundation took the lead in calling for signatures from all walks of life. The letter submitted to the United Nations on Earth Day must be approved by the United Nations General Assembly ” Appeal.

this initiative has also been supported by Academician Gong Qiaoyu, founder of the United Nations International Academy of Ecological Life Safety Sciences. She initiated a campaign to invite academicians from various countries to support and sign.

AMTV Reporter: Frank Liu, New York

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