Chinese Premier Calls for Multilateralism, Globalization and Cooperation

AMTV/Tianjin, China, June 27 – Humanity will be best served by the values of openness, communication, cooperation and peace, Chinese Premier Li Qiang said at the opening plenary of the 14th Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Tianjin. “Solidarity and cooperation have served humankind well in the past and must light the way ahead.”

The world faces a multitude of global challenges – from climate change and debt risk to slowing growth and widening wealth gaps. “As a community with a shared future, we must cherish the gains of our cooperation, embrace the concept of win-win cooperation and work together to promote human progress,” he said, adding that innovation, teamwork and interdisciplinary strength are of paramount importance today.

He also advocated for enhancing global public health governance: “All countries have fought hard against the pandemic. It demonstrates the powerful strength of humanity looking out for each other and rallying together.”

Diversity of countries, groups and peoples is not a cause for estrangement, instead, they are drivers for communication and exchange. “The absence of effective communication leads to prejudice and stereotypes.” In deepening mutual understanding and dialogue to find common ground, Premier Li said, the key is sincerity. “Only by treating each other with sincerity can we really know each other,” adding that the World Economic Forum is a platform that promotes such understanding and is of crucial importance in today’s context.

On globalization, Premier Li said that despite the headwinds, the overall trend of economic globalization continues apace, and rapid advances in digital technology and artificial intelligence will advance it further. The prevailing view among world leaders is to reject zero-sum competition and return to win-win cooperation, he said. “The world economy is an integral whole, everyone’s interests are intertwined, countries are reliant on each other and can enable each other’s success.”

Opposing the “politicization of economic issues”, Premier Li made a case for keeping supply chains smooth and stable. “We must get the relationship between cooperation and competition right,” he said, adding, “We must follow the trend of history, cement the consensus on development, and continue our efforts to build an open-world economy.”

Premier Li said peace and stability are indispensable for continued prosperity and growth. He denounced “ideological confrontation”, adding: “Without peace, nothing can be achieved.”

The theme of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2023 is Entrepreneurship: The Driving Force of the Global Economy. It brings together over 1,500 business, government and civil society participants from nearly 90 countries. The meeting comes amid various crises that continue to impact the global economy and create more even urgency for global collaboration.

“Today, the world needs bold and visionary leaders who can harness the power of innovation and collaborate across sectors, regions, nations and cultures to create a more peaceful, inclusive and resilient future,” said Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum. Addressing participants, he added: “You are the stakeholders who have the responsibility to ensure that innovation serves humanity and not the other way round.”

Speaking earlier while welcoming delegates to the “Summer Davos”, Zhang Gong, Mayor of Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, People’s Republic of China, said his country is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship by supporting fair markets, the rule of law, a mutually beneficial cooperative environment, the unrestricted flow of various factors of production, intellectual property rights and similar measures.

About the Annual Meeting of the New Champions
The Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2023 takes place 27-29 June in Tianjin, People’s Republic of China, under the theme, “Entrepreneurship: The Driving Force of the Global Economy”. The meeting will renew momentum for innovation and entrepreneurship to drive growth and a more equitable, sustainable and resilient global economy.

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