WCAAD Students Donate Paintings to San Gabriel Fire Station 51

AMTV/San Gabriel, CA, July 18 – Today, the San Gabriel City Council held a special meeting in recognition of artwork entitled “ Heroes of Our City”, the City Council recognized the extraordinary talented students from the West California Academy of Art and Design Institute (WCAAD)  featured firefighters, and 12 of the works were generously donated to the San Gabriel Fire Department. The ceremony was attended by   Mayor John Harrington , Vice Mayor John Wu, Council Members Eric Chan, Tony Ding, Denise Menchaca, Steven Wallace Chief of the San Gabriel Fire Station 51.
Mr.Lei Wang shared how the students used art as their medium to express heartfelt admiration and respect for the city’s guardians. In the eyes of these young children, firefighters are incredible heroes who bravely rush into fires, risking their lives to save others and sometimes even sacrifice themselves. Especially during the pandemic, these firefighters face double risks to rescue lives, which is truly touching and praiseworthy.
Student representatives, Alisa Chang and Eric Chang spoke at the donation ceremony, sincerely expressing their admiration for the firefighters. In the hearts of the children, firefighters safeguard people’s lives and property, creating a harmonious and peaceful community, making them role models for the kids.
The firefighters deeply appreciated the children’s artwork, especially their artistic depiction of fires as “dragons.” They were astonished to see the children understanding the concept of “fire dragons,” a term the firefighters privately use to refer to fires. Steven Wallace, Chief of San Gabriel Fire Station 51, delivered a speech during the donation ceremony, expressing how profoundly moved the firefighters were by the children’s imaginative works. This recognition is a noble acknowledgment, bringing even more pride and honor to their profession as

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