COVID-19 Indicators Continue to Decline, Yet Remain Above Pre-Surge Levels

AMTV, LOS ANGELES, Feb 8 – In Los Angeles County, COVID-19 indicators continue to decline from peak levels seen a few weeks ago, yet remain elevated. This week, Public Health reports 262 average daily COVID-19 cases, a decrease from the 376 cases reported last week. Reported cases do not include home tests, so the actual number of COVID-19 infections in the community is higher.

Wastewater concentrations of SARS CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, are at 36 percent of the 2022-2023 winter peak for the week ending Jan. 27, a notable decline from 64 percent for one week earlier. Wastewater concentrations provide a more complete picture of COVID-19 transmission levels than reported cases alone.

There was an average of 563 COVID-positive hospitalized patients for the week ending Feb. 3, a decrease from the average of 658 COVID-positive hospitalized patients for the previous week.

COVID-19 deaths have not yet started to decline. Public Health is reporting an average of 5.6 deaths per day, a slight increase from 5.0 deaths per day reported one week earlier.It is not unexpected to see changes in the death metric later than other metrics due to both the time needed to receive death certificates and the natural progression of the disease.

Public Health reports COVID-19 data weekly. The following table shows case, wastewater, emergency department, hospitalization, and death data in Los Angeles County over the past four weeks.

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