World Harmony Foundation-Global Future Leaders responds to CNN’s November 7 “Call to Earth – Protecting Oceans and Water Actions”

AMTV/NEW YORK, NY. Nov 07 – Since World Harmony Foundation (WHF) establishment, the World Harmony Foundation has been taking world peace, human harmony, and harmony between man and nature as its mission. On the path of public welfare, it has made contributions to the harmony of humans and the human-nature relationship.

Today, November 7 is CNN’s annual Global Environmental Protection Awareness Day, the WHF and Global Future Leaders have been invited by CNN’s “Call to Earth” program team to hold an online public service campaign with the theme of caring for the earth and protecting water resources. This public welfare activities, as a birthday gift for the 77th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations.

“Call to Earth” is CNN’s commitment to reporting on the Earth’s environmental challenges and solutions. Also, it is dedicated to raising awareness, taking action and educating the public around the key issues through its “Keep the Planet, Keep Moving” program, inspiring the public to practice an environmentally conscious life (CNN).

CNN’s “Call to Earth (Call to Earth)” letter to the World Harmony Foundation reads “This year’s theme is ‘Living Oceans: Turning the Tide'”, and it’s all about protecting the planet’s marine habitats and rivers. They also call for responses to great stories from some of the world’s most inspiring marine conservationists. In the letter, they point out “Healthy oceans are vital to life on Earth” because they help provide the critical resources we need, the air, food and fuel. In addition, they said people can make a huge impact on oceans whether to defend or damage our Living Oceans even if we are miles away. In response to the “Call to Earth”, and holding our own “Earth Day Appeal” event, we will take it upon ourselves to play a role in creating a movement for good and invite more people who care about the earth and the ocean to participate.

In view of the severe situation of the current global COVID-19 pandemic, the World Harmony Foundation completed its participation with an online video recording of the event, which was attended by students from the Global Future Leaders Organization (GFLO) and World Harmony Foundation (WHF) Youth Committee on World Water Day, November 7, 2022. Harmony Liu, who is the Junior Ambassador serving as secretory-general of both GFLO and WHF, took the lead in planning the environmental protection short film for the event. Moreover, she led the students to express the importance of the CNN theme this year – “People, harmony with nature, protection of oceans and water sources” through different forms, such as collecting videos of marine garbage and dinosaurs speech at the UN, making comics, oil paintings, and writing essays.

Under the directors Paris Chen, Netflix expert, Chairman of Han Media and President of WHF China, and Zhichao Zan, President and Secretary General of WHF Publicity Committee, the incredible short film “Call to Earth” has been produced by Harmony Liu and Elsa Lin, an Australian student of WHF Youth Ambassador.

The micro-movie creatively borrowed the voices from the dinosaur’s speech in the UN General Assembly Hall, warning of the possibility of human extinction as well as the call from the old, middle-aged and young children of different races. After the dinosaur’s speech, environmentalists of all ages and professions from five continents gave their congratulations on the UN’s 77th birthday, took the back of the “Call to Earth” initiative and made claim on protecting oceans and water.

First of all, Joseph Liu, a seven-year-old Chinese child from the United States, believes that dinosaurs became extinct because of climate change and natural disasters and that we can prevent human beings from becoming extinct like the dinosaurs by protecting the oceans and mountains from natural disasters caused by water pollution and environmental destruction. Secondly, Eirene Liu, another American Chinese teenager argues that we can start to protect water resources by doing small things in our lives. Next, the chief planner of the event, video producer and co-editor Elsa Lin, all consider that water is the source of life, the milk of Mother Earth, and the creativity and art for all human beings. Therefore, protecting water resources is to safeguard the future of humanity.

Afterwards, Dora Lin from Florida Junior High School expressed her opinion that water is vital to human survival, and if water is not properly protected, human beings will become extinct like the dinosaurs. She also said that in order to prevent this consequence, we should protect marine water resources, protect small animals in nature, and even live in harmony with them. Sherry from California and Elsa Lin, the associate producer of the video for this event, also share their views on the issue of ocean and water conservation. Sherry specifies her concerns about the current water pollution problem and the future of mankind, and Elsa Lin mentions her worries about the current shortage of certain natural resources that are closely related to human survival.

It is gratifying that the person in charge of Peacock Ferry from Xiaowan Station, Yunnan Province-Yunnan Province Recycling Economy Industry Open Research Association also participated in the video recording. He shows his idea of their current efforts to protect water resources, they tried to prevent soil erosion by planting dug mycorrhiza. Furthermore, Chinese college students also showed their keen attention to the future of the earth and the protection of water resources. Chongbijin Yang, a college student from Yunnan Province, announces his perspective of the harmony between man and nature by claiming his expectations on “Creating a Beautiful Earth Home”.

Hollywood stars Jackson Wang is also willing to speak for the cause of ocean and water resources protection. He stands for the voice – pay attention to the Earth and World Water Day, take the cation on earth protection, and see the world as one family.

Furthermore, Dr. Bertin Koovi from Africa, co-chair of WHF Africa, also conveyed the “voice from Africa” ​​on the issue of ocean and water resources protection, saying that the world today is in a state of turmoil and a critical environmental situation. For the sake of world peace and a better tomorrow for humanity, he participated in this event of the World Harmony Foundation to speak out on behalf of Africa. He thinks this event of the World Harmony Foundation is very meaningful.

After that, the four students from Liming Laojun Mountain National Geological Park Liming Complete Primary School in Yulong County, Lijiang, Yunnan Province – Lu Xiaoping, Xiong Jinmei, He Yanfen, and Feng Meiyan, in which the four students, they expressed their determination and desire to protect water resources with their own actions, guarding and looking forward to tomorrow with the most genuine children’s voice of human life – “Peaceful development and a better life are our common aspirations”. Finally, a shout by Yang Hui, Secretary General of WHF in Southwest China, who expressed environmental protection actions in the river. Along with the music video of “Harmony Song”, singing the seeking for a better future for human beings, this online activity video ended successfully.

In this online event, people from all over the world, of different ages and from different regions, unanimously showed their worries and hopes for the earth’s environmental protection, ocean and water resources protection, the future of mankind, and their determination to change the status quo. As the dinosaur speech in the title says, they hope that people can seize the opportunity to change the status quo, protect the environment, cherish resources, change the way of economic development and stop climate deterioration, and must not regret when the situation is irreversible and extinct like the dinosaurs.

Edit by: Jing Tao,Elsa Lin

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