Culver City Safe Sleep Site to Begin Providing Interim Housing to our Unhoused Neighbors

AMTV/Culver City, July 27 – Culver City’s “Safe Sleep” site and wellness village is now complete and will begin transitioning clients into the program over the next few weeks. The Safe Sleep program is a form of transitional and low-barrier housing, which aims to reduce loss of life and provide greater access to resources for our unhoused neighbors. “On January 3, 2023, the City of Culver City proclaimed a local homelessness emergency. The Safe Sleep site aims to foster a safer environment for our unhoused neighbors. This project offers a safe place where people can rest and sleep, access services, and receive wraparound support to work towards permanent housing,” said Culver City Mayor Albert Vera.

According to the 2022 Homeless Count, there are an estimated 350 people experiencing homelessness in Culver City.

About the Safe Sleep Project
The primary focus of the Safe Sleep site is to provide temporary, safe sleeping areas (also known as suites) and respite to unsheltered adults living in the community who are not ready to come inside. Safe Sleep programming gives access to basic human necessities, such as bathrooms, showers, on-site supportive services, laundry service, food/nutrition, open/recreational space, garbage/recycling service, 24-hour staffing and supportive services, and a sense of safety and community. Unlike traditional shelters, the Safe Sleep site offers a welcoming space where residents can keep their own belongings and establish a sense of home and stability.

About Lead Operator and Service Provider – Urban Alchemy
The selected lead operator and service provider for the Culver City Safe Sleep Program is Urban Alchemy. Urban Alchemy is a nonprofit organization with the mission of transforming people and places through respect, compassion, and love, in order to heal communities challenged by the intersection of extreme poverty, mental illness, addiction, and homelessness. Urban Alchemy has also developed other safe sleep sites across the country.

About Culver City’s Homelessness Program
Culver City is ramping up efforts to address homelessness in the community. The City, along with its partners, is addressing homelessness with housing, services and outreach. The City’s goal is for this project to be the national model for a safe-camping site.

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